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Our Solar System: Size of the Planets and Stars to Scale:

Another useful video to show the sizes of the planets in relation to the other planets and stars.
Solar System to Scale Video

Planet Song: Planet Song


Toilet Paper Solar System

Students learned about the distance in space and the relationship between each planet today in Science class. Using toilet paper, students had to chart each planet using a square of toilet paper as their measurable scale. Students were able to visualize the vastness of our solar system.

Check this out to see the scale of the Universe:





January Newsletter:

The January Newsletter is now posted!!

You can find it here January 2015 or under the “Newsletters” tab on the blog. Due to the snow day, it will be sent home in your child’s Friday Folder next week.

Hope you are enjoying all this snow!!! :)


Solar System Project

The Solar System Project guidelines and rubric were passed out and discussed in class this week. All 5th grade students stapled the rubric in their assignment books. This project is due TUESDAY, JANUARY 27th. I have attached the guidelines and rubric to this post as well.

Solar System Project


Holiday Reminders:

Dear Families,
Seasons Greetings to all of you! I am truly thankful for all the great kids and families we have at Ross Park! I am seeing great progress in your child’s abilities, and I am thankful to have your support and help. This letter was sent home a couple of weeks ago, but wanted to send some reminders as we prepare for this busy week.

I would like the children to realize that Christmas is not just about GETTING gifts. I would like them to understand that there is pleasure in GIVING gifts! Therefore, the focus of our holiday activities will be on giving a “gift from the heart” . . . one that doesn’t cost much, or any money.

1. Each child is asked to bring in a new or gently used book for our classroom gift exchange. I am asking that your child pick out a book that they enjoy and think someone else (boy or girl) will enjoy. This book should be WRAPPED as nicely as possible. The gift should include a card that states who the present is from and why they chose this book as a gift. What makes this book special to them? We will play a little game with this first, so I think the children will really have fun with this activity. Hopefully, your child will get a book he/she can read over the holiday break! Please send this in by Tuesday, December 16.

2. We have been busy “little elves” these last couple of weeks making gifts for our friends and families that will quickly become Christmas memories. We will be sending these gifts home December 19. If you are able to send in any red, green, or white tissue paper, it would be greatly appreciated!

3. Our Holiday Party will be Friday, December 19 at 9:00 a.m. with the all-school sing-a-long to follow at 10:00 a.m. All parents are welcome to attend both events. We will be enjoying a breakfast for this party provided by our Christmas Party Committee.

Happy Holidays!
~Mrs. Ellis


December Newsletter:

The December Newsletter is now posted!!! Please look it over for important information and dates. The Newsletter can also be found in your child’s Friday Folder (that was sent home today) and it is also attached to this post.

Have a great TURKEY DAY!!! Gobble, Gobble! :)

~Mrs. Ellis

December 2014 Newsletter


5th Grade Holiday Program- A message from Mr. Sarns:

Dear Parents and Families,

Our 5th Grade Holiday program is next Tuesday, December 2nd, at 6:00 pm in the Auditorium. Students need to arrive by 5:00 pm. I would like the students to be dressed nicely for the program.


Dress pants (khaki, Black, Grey etc) No jeans
Dress shirt ( polo shirt, button down, nice sweater
Nice shoes- no tennis shoes
Ties and suits are fine, but don’t feel like you have to have students in these.


Nice Pants and Blouse/sweater
Nice School appropriate dress
No Jeans or tennis shoes
Choose sensible footwear (they will have to stand on risers)

If you have any questions please let me know. If there are extenuating circumstances regarding dress, please let me know.

I look forward to seeing you at the program!


Book Clubs:

We have been busy reading this week! We started reading our Literature Circle books and meeting in our Book Clubs to discuss our reading. The specific book titles are below (along with chapters/pages that should be read up to this point). Ask your child about their book they are reading and about the discussions they have been having with their book club!

How to Steal A Dog:
Chapters 1-12

The Swift Boys and Me:
Chapters 1-12

Snicker of Magic:
Chapters 17-20

Pages 1-163

Athlete vs. Mathlete:
Pages 1-115

Keep up the awesome reading 5th graders!!!
~Mrs. Ellis



Dear 5th Grade Families,

I look forward to meeting with you this week during our Fall conferences! Conferences will take place Monday, November 17 (4:30-7:30 p.m.) and Thursday, November 20 (12:30-3:30 & 5-8 p.m.). (Thursday and Friday are both 1/2 days for students). Please let me know ASAP if you are unable to attend your scheduled time.

Please bring the following to your conference:
* One baby and one current picture of your child, if you have not submitted it already (this will be used in the end-of-the-year video).
* Any questions or concerns
* Chicago chaperone slip, t-shirt order forms, and insurance forms will be passed out at conferences. All of these forms and money will be due January 12th.


Science 11/13/14: Tides

3 main causes of tides:
1) The moon-the moon’s gravity pulls on the earth and causes tides.
2) The sun- the pull of the sun is only about 1/2 as strong as the pull of the moon
3) Earth’s rotation- the rotation of the earth produces centrifugal force which works with the pull of the moon to produce those bulges in the ocean that cause tides.

Spring tide-the largest tides when the pull of the sun lines up with the pull of the moon and reinforces it.
Neap tide-small tides that occur when the pull of the moon and the pull of the sun are in opposition to each other.

Bay of Fundy video: Bay of Fundy