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March is Reading Month:

Hello 5th grade families!

It’s that time of year again….MARCH IS READING MONTH!! We are so excited to announce that “The World According to Humphrey” will be our all-school book for the month of March! Students each received a book today and a calendar indicating on what chapters to read each night. Students can also get a paper hamster signed for every 30 minutes of reading they complete in order to “travel” to different teachers on Friday!

Also, Humphrey (the main character of the book) will be coming home with each student throughout the month of March. Students are to record Humphrey’s adventures in a journal and return it to school the NEXT day.

Along with all the fun of Humphrey, 5th graders will also have an opportunity to read throughout the month of March and earn a WhiteCaps ticket for a field trip to the ball game in May! Students MUST log their minutes and turn in NO LATER THAN MARCH 31st to receive their free ticket!

Whew!!! So many exciting things happening at Ross Park!!

Don’t forget that Family Literacy Night is TONIGHT (Monday, March 2) from 6:30-8:00. See you there!
~Mrs. Ellis


GR Field Trip

We had a great time in Grand Rapids on Friday. We went to the Art Museum, Symphony, and ice-skating at Rosa Park Circle. It was a cold, but fun day! I enjoyed how Art, Music, and Physical Education were all included.


Generations of Traits Activity

In Science today, students tracked different traits (represented by colored pom-poms) through three generations of gingerbread people.


Snow Day Challenge!

Hi Kids!

Happy snow day!! Are you ready for your snow day challenge???? Complete 2 of the activities, and receive a prize on Monday! You can take a picture, bring it in, or have Mom & Dad write a note saying you completed the 2 activities. Good luck and enjoy your snow day!!

~Mrs. Ellis

Snow Day Challenge Activities: (pick 2 or more)
1) Build a fort or “campsite” in your living room or bedroom and complete your 30 minutes of reading in the fort! Don’t forget to take a picture (I would love to see your fort you create).

2) Complete the Multiplication word problem worksheet and bring it back on Monday or write the problems down on a separate piece of paper. Multiplication After that is complete, practice your multiplication facts on the back.

3) Get out all your extra wiggles from having indoor recess all week and have a dance party! Turn on some dance music and bust a move!!

4) Read about Rosa Parks! civil_rights_on_a_city_bus_1090_passage_and_questions

**Take a look at our fort we built today!** Grayson Fort


February Newsletter:

It is now posted! February2015Newsletter.doc


Jump Rope For Heart-Tomorrow!

Thursday, February 5th is Ross Park’s 1st Annual Jump Rope for Heart Event.

-Please have your child bring their donation envelope to their classroom teacher on Thursday.
-Make sure your child is wearing their tennis shoes or packs them to bring to school on Thursday.
-Parents/families you are invited to come watch, jump rope, or twirl with your child(ren) during their scheduled time, see attachment for schedule. (Don’t forget your tennis shoes too!)
-Have fun!

JRFH RP 2015


Our Solar System: Size of the Planets and Stars to Scale:

Another useful video to show the sizes of the planets in relation to the other planets and stars.
Solar System to Scale Video

Planet Song: Planet Song


Toilet Paper Solar System

Students learned about the distance in space and the relationship between each planet today in Science class. Using toilet paper, students had to chart each planet using a square of toilet paper as their measurable scale. Students were able to visualize the vastness of our solar system.

Check this out to see the scale of the Universe:





January Newsletter:

The January Newsletter is now posted!!

You can find it here January 2015 or under the “Newsletters” tab on the blog. Due to the snow day, it will be sent home in your child’s Friday Folder next week.

Hope you are enjoying all this snow!!! :)


Solar System Project

The Solar System Project guidelines and rubric were passed out and discussed in class this week. All 5th grade students stapled the rubric in their assignment books. This project is due TUESDAY, JANUARY 27th. I have attached the guidelines and rubric to this post as well.

Solar System Project