Friday: 5/26/17

What a fun and exciting week! We had a blast walking in our 6th annual Walk-a-thon and at the WhiteCaps game! Make sure your child continues to read NIGHTLY to ensure that he/she completes his/her goal by JUNE 2. There will be no school Monday, May 29th due to the Memorial Day holiday. The Spelling Bee will take place on Thursday, June 1 @ 10:00 a.m. Parents are invited to attend. Thursday 6/1 will also be our last session of Reproductive Health. Continue to refer to the May/June newsletter for more upcoming dates. Have a great weekend! ~Mrs. Ellis

Learning Targets for Next Week:
Reading: I will identify character traits in my book club book.
I will comprehend my book club book and pass an AR test by June 9th.
Math: I will convert using metric and customary units of measurement.

WhiteCaps Recap:

We had such a great time at the WhiteCaps game today! They played an exciting game and won 5-0 against Ft. Wayne TinCaps! It ended up to be a sunny day for a ball game, and everyone had a great time watching it with friends! Thanks to all the chaperones who joined us on the trip. (See pictures below)


Thank you to all the parents, friends, and family members who donated to the Walk-A-Thon this year! Ross Park raised more than $15,000 this year! Our class enjoyed walking all day and building on our friendships!

Friday: 5/19/17

Mid Marks and AR reports are in your child’s Friday Folder. Please sign and return them on Monday, May 22. If you have any questions, please contact me ASAP. We will be headed to the WhiteCaps game Wednesday, May 24. Students will need to buy a lunch at the concession stand, which will cost approx. $7-$11. Students will need to wear their 5th grade t-shirt. Session 1 of Reproductive Health will be Thurs., May 25th. Walk-a-Thon will take place on Monday, 5/22. If you have any packets/donations, please send them in ASAP. Have a great weekend! ~Mrs. Ellis

Learning Targets For Next Week:

Reading: I can identify character traits in the characters from my book.
Math: I can convert metric units of length, liquid volume, and mass.
I can convert customary units of length

Football Player Visit:

14 members from the Mona Shores football team visited our classroom today! Players and students practiced their spelling words, studied the location of the 50 states, and read together. We even had time for a 10-minute recess out on the playground! Check out some of the pictures below!

Walkathon Update:


We are one week away from our Walkathon! Please register your child online at This will allow for you to share on social media to collect pledges online. Please register even if you do not want to share online as it will assist us with tracking the funds that came in through the envelopes as well. Only the students who registered by 5 pm on Friday, May 19th will be eligible for a pedometer.

Envelopes are due Friday, May 19th. Friday will also be our Walkathon Change War. Kids, bring in all the spare change you can find. The classroom that collects the most change will win a lunchtime pizza party!

We have a great team of Parent Volunteers signed up to help, but can always use more. Please contact Shannon Glinski at 231-332-8227 if you want to sign up to help.

Thank you for your support this school year!

Ross Park PTO

Friday: 5/12/17

What a great week to be a 5th grade leader! Camp was here on Monday and Friday as a closing to our time with them this year. Today, we were able to pass on the leadership “torch” to our 4th grade Super Sailors. It was an amazing time to witness our 5th graders taking ownership and leading all the group activities! (See pictures below)

As we make our way into the last half of the 3rd trimester, make sure your child is reading his/her AR books. The goal for this trimester is to read 9 books (3 NF) and pass the test with an 80%. The goal ends June 2. The last 50 states test will take place on Wednesday, May 17. Students need to locate all the states and pass with a 95%. Walk-a-Thon will take place on Monday, 5/22. If you have any packets/donations, please send them in by Friday, 5/19. Remember you can also donate online! Have a great weekend! ~Mrs. Ellis

Learning Targets for Next Week:
Reading: I can apply my reading strategies to my book club book.
Math: I can locate and plot points in the first quadrant of the coordinate plane.
I can graph ordered pairs and use them to represent and solve real world problems.

Friday: 5/5/17

The May/June Newsletter will be coming home on Monday. This will be the last 5th grade newsletter of the year. Please put it in a safe spot as it has all important dates and information for the remainder of the year. Science dissection letters are also in your child’s FF. Please consider volunteering/ donating to this hands-on activity if you are able. PTO sponsored Girls Night Out will be next Friday, May 12 from 6-8 p.m. Continue to send in Boxtops for our last contest of the year! Have a great weekend! ~Mrs. Ellis

Message from the Middle School: Middle School Visit

Learning Targets for Next Week:
Math: I can generate and extend numeric patterns and identify relationships of corresponding terms.
I can locate and plot points in the first quadrant of the coordinate plane.
I can determine how the speaker in a poem reflects on a topic.
I can explain how the structure of a poem portrays an idea or thought.
I can describe how the speaker’s point of view influences how the events are described.
I can identify different types of figurative language and explain their meaning.

Walkathon Update:

Hello 5th grade families,

It’s neck and neck between Mrs. McMahon’s and Mrs. Dreese’s class for top fundraising class. We are in spot #14. Here’s the link to see the leader board: Leaderboard

Please help spread the word!! Thank you for your help and support!!

~Mrs. Ellis

Chicago Memories

WOW!!! What a fantastic Chicago trip! The weather wasn’t too bad and the kids (and chaperones) had a great time! Thank you to all who helped make this trip a success.

If you have some group pictures that you would like to have in the 5th grade memory video, now is the time to send them in! Please select a few of your favorites and either send them to me ( or Mrs. Sylvester ( or you can send them in on a CD/flash drive or hard copy.