Friday: 11/20/15

Students have been reading book club books this week and will continue through next week. They have been reading an assigned number of pages/chapters every day and completing a response that goes along with their reading. What ever is not done in class, should be coming home to finish at home. Please help your child read and understand his/ her book by discussing it together every night. There will be a 1/2-day for students on Wednesday Nov. 25 and no school Thursday & Friday due to the Thanksgiving break. Make sure your child is reading his/her AR book nightly. 1st trimester AR goal ends November 30th. Don’t forget that book orders are due Monday! Have a great weekend! ~Mrs. Ellis

Reminder: Camp Money Due

Just a friendly reminder that if you haven’t turned in your camp money, to please send it in with your child ASAP. Total cost is $62 but may be less due to fundraising. Please contact me for your balance of you are unsure of what you owe. Thank you!

Turkey Stories:

Hello 5th grade students and families!

Students-I am posting this as a reminder to keep working on your Turkey Story over the next few days! I can’t wait to see your creative ideas and read your stories. Please submit them in the Google Classroom when you are ready for me to print them. :)

Parents-Please encourage your child to write his/her Turkey Story (either typing or handwritten is fine). You may help them come up with ideas, formatting, or any other writing support he/she needs at this time. Once students finish with their stories, they will be creating a picture of their turkey and presenting to other classrooms in the school just in time for Thanksgiving! The complete assignment & directions are listed below. Thank you for your support with this writing project!

You are a turkey!!

No, I am not calling you names…Pretend you are a turkey at Thanksgiving. You will do anything to stay off a human’s plate for their Thanksgiving feast…including dressing up in a disguise!!! Think of way that your turkey can outsmart the humans this Thanksgiving.

Your story should include the following:
1) A turkey dressed in a disguise-You must use the disguise throughout your story
2) Typed, 1 or 2 page story (Beginning, Middle, & End)
3) Several details (SHOW not tell) & USE EXPRESSION!!!
4) MILLION DOLLAR WORDS (using gigantic instead of big)

Once your story is finished you may submit it to me to grade and you can start to draw a picture of your turkey (See me for the tracers).

Happy Thanksgiving….GOBBLE! GOBBLE!!

Friday: 11/13/15

Science Motion & Energy Test will be next week Thursday, November 19. Study guides were sent home this week. Please make sure your child is studying important concepts and vocabulary words to prepare for the test. Camp Miniwanca counselors will be here next week Monday & Tuesday. Please have your child dress appropriately for the weather, as they may be outside for an extended period of time. Also, don’t forget that holiday book orders are due Mon. 11/23. Have a great weekend! ~Mrs. Ellis

Popcorn Day is Tomorrow (Thursday 11/12)!

Hello families!

Don’t forget that popcorn day is tomorrow (11/12)! Each bag costs $.50 and the proceeds go to 5th grade this month!!

If you are available to help, we are still looking for a couple of parent volunteers. Please report to the Cafeteria tomorrow morning.

Thank you!
~Mrs. Ellis

Friday: 11/6/15

A camp form will be coming home in your child’s Friday Folder today. This form has your child’s camp balance for the fall Camp Miniwanca experience, along with his/her Chicago balance. All camp $ is due Fri. 11/13. The Chicago balance is NOT due at this time. Please make sure your child is reading his/her books daily in order to accomplish his/her AR goal. The November Newsletter is also in your child’s Friday Folder. Please refer to it for important dates and information. Holiday book orders were also sent home today. Orders are due Monday, November 23 in order to have them ordered and delivered by the holidays. Have a great weekend! ~Mrs. Ellis

Science Stations:

Hello Families!

We have been hard at work the past couple days working on applying our knowledge of Newton’s 3 laws of motion. Students have been working in teams completing various activities all relating to our Motion & Energy Unit. Some activities have included:

1) Building a ramp and testing out the law of inertia using a truck and different sizes of stones
2) Exploring the force of friction between several types of materials
3) Learning about forces in action as students experimented with how gradients, weights, motion and resistance affect the movement of various objects
4) Reviewing and applying vocabulary terms

Ask your child about all the fun they have been having during our Science times!

Halloween Fun!

Thank you Mrs. Klassen for taking pictures of all the fun!

Friday: 10/30/15

Thank you to those who served on the Halloween committee. The party was a huge success! Thanks to all the volunteers and helpers that came in to help with the pumpkin painting as well. Please make sure your child continues to read nightly to ensure that he/she meets his/her AR goal of 6 books with an 80% or higher by Nov. 30. The 50 States test will be on WED., NOV. 11. Please help your child study. Enjoy the weekend!

Friday: 10/23/15

What a GREAT week after coming back from our amazing experience at Camp Miniwanca! Thank you for attending your child’s conference this week. Working together will ensure your child’s success! Chapter 2 Social Studies test will be on Tues., Oct. 27. Study guides were sent home this week. Our Halloween Party is Friday, Oct. 30 beginning at 2:05 p.m. All school parade will begin at 2:45 p.m. Volunteers are needed by 1:45 to help set up. All parents are welcome to attend the party! Enjoy the fall colors! ~Mrs. Ellis