Volunteers Needed:

Hello families!

I am looking for a couple of volunteers to help out with our class on Monday, October 31 from 9:00-9:45 a.m. Students will be painting pumpkins in our hallways and we could use some extra helping hands. Please let me know if you are able to help!

Thank you!
~Mrs. Ellis

Friday: 10/21/16

Thank you for attending your child’s conference this week. Working together will ensure your child’s success! October book orders are due by Monday, Oct. 24th. You can place your orders online at scholastic.com/readingclub using my class activation code: J386K Please make sure you are checking your child’s assignment book nightly, and looking through Friday Folders carefully for important notes and communication on events that are coming up. Have a great weekend!
~Mrs. Ellis

Next Week’s Learning Targets:
I can quote to explain my thinking about what the text says when drawing inferences.
I can use in-text citations to cite quotes and evidence.
I can model adding and subtracting decimals.
I can add whole numbers and decimals to hundredths.
I can subtract whole and decimal numbers to hundredths.

Friday: 10/14/16

A camp transportation form is in your child’s FF. Please indicate how your child will get home from camp on Friday, Nov. 4. Please return by Monday, Oct. 17. Conferences will be Monday, Oct. 17 & Thursday, Oct. 20. Confirmation letters were sent home last week. Please contact me if you need to reschedule. There will be a 1/2 day Thursday (10/20) & Friday (10/21) due to conferences. Dismissal will be at 11:45 a.m. Camp balances are due at this time. Please send in a check made out to Ross Park Elementary. Have a great weekend! ~Mrs. Ellis

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Next Week’s Learning Targets:
Reading: I can compare/contrast 2 different settings or events in a story.
I can compare and contrast how characters interact with one another and what that says about the character.
I can explain how the text structure enhances the plot of the overall story.
Math: : I can understand decimals as equal divisions of a whole.
I can read, write, and model whole and decimal numbers.

Spelling, Grammar, and Vocabulary…oh my!

Hello 5th grade families,

We are now into the swing of things here in 5th grade! We have started our weekly spelling, grammar, vocabulary, & reading strategy lessons this week. Students will be tested on those concepts on Friday’s (our first one is tomorrow 10/14). Please encourage your child to study throughout the week by bringing any notes, packets, or spelling lists home.

Spelling: Students will develop create their own spelling lists every Monday. The words he/she uses will be brainstormed in class and will follow a certain pattern for that week. I will check them over in class, but please look them over as well (they will be stapled or written down in their assignment books).

Grammar: Students will learn about a concept in grammar/writing and work on practicing throughout the week using a grammar packet and applying it in their daily writing. We complete the packet together throughout the week and finish with a review on Thursday. This should come home with your child on Thursday to study from.

Vocabulary & Reading Strategy: Students will learn 5-8 new vocabulary terms every Monday. These terms are taken from our reading series and used in instruction throughout the week. Students will get a chance to write down the definitions and see the vocabulary words in our reading throughout the week.

Please contact me if you have any questions,
Mrs. Ellis

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Math Videos:

Hello 5th grade families,

I am excited to share with you a link to view all of our lessons from our Math series. Just click on the link below, select the unit, and then click the specific lesson your child is working on (we are currently in unit 1). This link will take you to video lessons to help you and your child understand the concepts taught in class.

I hope you find this helpful! Have a great day!
~Mrs. Ellis

Math Lesson Videos

Milk Tye-Dye Experiment 

We put the Scientific Method to the test today during Science class!!

Students worked in groups to test different types of milk and their reaction to dish soap using food coloring.  (see pictures below)

Friday: 10/7/16

The October newsletter is in your child’s Friday Folder. Please read & look for important dates & information (you can also find it on my Blog!). Fall conference forms were sent home today. Please let me know ASAP if you are unable to make your scheduled time. There will be a camp meeting next week Wed. 10/12 from 5-6 p.m. in the Media Center. Camp staff will be here to answer any questions you may have. Final camp balances are also due at this time. Communication as to your child’s remaining balance is in the Friday Folder. Chap. 2 Social Studies test will be Tues. 10/11. Study guides were handed out this week. Mark your calendars for the PTO Fall Festival next week Friday (10/14) from 6-8 p.m. at Ross Park. Games, bounce houses, food, and fun for the whole family! Enjoy your weekend! ~Mrs. Ellis

October Newsletter:
October Newsletter 2016

Next Week’s Learning Targets:
Reading: I can compare and contrast character traits.
I can compare and contrast how characters interact with one another and what that says about the character.
I can explain how the text structure enhances the plot of the overall story.
Math: I can use estimates to determine whether answers to word problems are reasonable.
I can use the Common Core Content Standards and Practices in a variety of real world problem solving situations.

Friday: 9/30/16

The 5th Grade Fundraiser was a HUGE success and we are extending the sale! If you would like to sell more books, please turn in your $/orders in no later than Monday, Oct. 24. We will not be able to accept anything beyond this date. Fall conference forms are in your child’s Friday Folder. Please fill it out and send it in ASAP so I accommodate your availability the best I can. Next week the students who are on the Halloween Committee will be meeting to discuss what he/she would like to bring. Specific information will be sent home after our meeting. Students should be reading nightly, as this will ensure that he/she meets his/her AR goal. Please check your child’s assignment book daily to make sure homework is completed on time. Have a great weekend! GO SHORES!!! ~Mrs. Ellis

Next Week’s Learning Targets:
Reading: I can determine the theme of a story.
I can summarize a text by finding the main idea and using supporting details.
Math: I can add and subtract mixed numbers with unlike denominators.
I can add and subtract mixed numbers with unlike denominators.
I can estimate sums and differences of fractions and mixed numbers and decide whether answers are reasonable.

Flashlight Friday!!!


Students are encouraged to bring in flashlights and books to read for our first Flashlight Friday! Students will spend our “Read to Self” time reading in the dark using a flashlight. I can’t wait…it is so much fun reading in the dark.

Have a great day,
~Mrs. Ellis