Kelly Ellis | 5th Grade Teacher


Classroom Volunteers Needed:


I am looking for a couple of classroom volunteers to do the following each week:

1 volunteer-Thursday mornings (8:30-9:10): This person will read fluency pieces with individual students or in small groups

1 volunteer-Tuesdays (12:50-1:30) or Wednesdays (12:50-1:30) or Thursdays (10:50-11:30): This person will be practicing math facts and doing math games with students

Please contact me if you are interested in helping. Thank you!

P.S. All volunteers must fill out an Ichat form from the office before you can start. I have attached an electronic version to this email as well.

ICHAT – 2014-2015

~Mrs. Ellis


October Newsletter

The October newsletter is now posted! You can access all the newsletters by clicking on the “Newsletter” tab on the blog. It is also posted below:



Accelerated Reader Goal:

Hello all!

Our 5th graders have been checking out AR books for the past several weeks, in hopes to meet their AR goal for the 1st trimester! The goal is to read 8 AR books, take a comprehension test about their book, and pass with an 80% or higher by November 21st. The recommendation for students to meet this goal is to read every night for 20-30 minutes. Students should aim to take an AR test every week (unless they are reading higher-level books in which case, they would need to set up a different goal with me on an individual basis).

Please encourage your child to continue reading their books nightly and ask them about what they are reading to ensure understanding of their book.

Please let me know if you have any questions….
Happy Reading!
~Mrs. Ellis



We are learning about conjunctions in Grammar! Check out the video we watched today to help us remember what they are! This link is also posted under the “Reading/Writing” heading on the side of the blog roll.



Lunar Eclipse

If you get this in time, check out the moon this morning!!! How neat to see a lunar eclipse!?


Google Classroom

Hello 5th Grade Families!

I would like to introduce you to our new Google Classroom! Students now have access to 30 Chromebooks (that are housed in our classroom) on a daily basis. They will be using these tools for learning in science, reading, writing, and other subject areas. Students have enjoyed having their Google docs right at their fingertips!

Also, we are now using the “Google Classroom” app to turn in our work and for student/teacher communication to encourage feedback to your child before, during, and after the submission of their assignment. Students have successfully completed one assignment already and are now working on their second assignment this week!

Please ask your child about all the exciting, new technology we are using in RM 29!

~Mrs. Ellis


Fundraiser Due Tomorrow (9/29)

Just a reminder that fundraiser orders and all money collected must be turned in tomorrow in order to receive the Lakeshore Coupon Books. If possible, please send in checks (instead of cash) made out to Ross Park Elementary. Also, if your child sold a lot of books, you may want to pick them up from school to help him/her carry them home.

Please contact me if you have any questions. See you tomorrow! :)
~Mrs. Ellis


Spirit Week:

Hello Super Sailors!!

Our spirit week celebrations will be in full swing here at Ross Park this week! We will be coming back from camp and will be able to participate in the fun festivities on Thursday and Friday (and probably Wednesday too-due to our crazy camp hair).

Monday: Crazy Sock and Hat Day (At Camp)
Tuesday: Mismatch Day (At Camp)
Wednesday: Crazy Hair Day (Returning to Ross Park from camp at 12:30)
Thursday: Favorite Team Day (wear clothes from your favorite high school, college, or pro sports team)
Friday: Ross Park/Mona Shores Pride Day (wear blue/white)


Some of our fun!


Camp is so much fun!

I’ve been trying to update my blog since we got here, but the service is not the best. The kids are doing great and learning so much!

See you tomorrow @ 3:00 pm!