Memory Books Are In!

If you ordered a memory book, they are now in! They will be in the office for you to pick up (starting tomorrow Friday, June 20).

If you did not order one this past spring, and would like to, there is still time! Please contact me for the pin # to order directly from their website!

Below are the students who have ordered a book:
Salaihah Andrade
Lyndi Filius
Morgan Gerrans
Gus Jensen
Taya McGlothin
Gabrielle Miller
Gabe Pesta
Willow Scott
Alissa Vongphrachanh
Allison Wessell
Clayton Zerkle (blue spine-deluxe binding)
Mason Plooster
Natalie Muchna


Saying Goodbye

Hello 5th grade families,

I am so honored to have spent this school year getting to know your child! Every student has touched my heart and I will remember them for many years to come. Thank you for your support throughout the year, it truly makes a WORLD of a DIFFERENCE when we work as a team! I will be coming in throughout the summer and will need lots of help to prepare for the next school year! If your child would like to help out, I will be looking for volunteers. Stay posted and I will post dates/times to my blog over the summer.

**NOTE: For those who ordered a classroom book, I will contact you as soon as they arrive!

Have a GREAT summer and enjoy your time as a family!

Mrs. Ellis

Below are some pictures of some of our balloon activities we participated in over the last few days of school. The kids and I had a blast!


Dissection Success!

Wow!! Our pig heart/lung dissection was amazing! The students did such a great job staying on task, working together as a team, and teaching others what they were learning! I loved watching and listening to your kids explain to other students from Kindergarten through 4th grade about the heart and lungs and their functions. Thank you to ALL who came to help set up, assist students, and clean up! It is GREATLY appreciated!!! :)



5th Grade Picnic TOMORROW!

Just a reminder to those on the End-of-the-Year Committee that our 5th grade picnic will take place tomorrow, June 4, from 10:30-2:15 at Ross Park (the park across the street). If you signed up to bring in supplies, you may send them in with your child in the morning or bring them to the picnic at 10:30. If you are bringing in water, pop, or juice please put them in a cooler with ice.

ALL students should wear their 5th grade t-shirt, sunscreen, and bring any baseball equipment they would like to use.


Calculating Volume

The past 2 weeks we have been learning about calculating volume of rectangular prisms! The kids have been having fun building various rectangular prisms and then calculating the volume of each of the figures.


Learning Garden

We helped in our Ross Park learning garden today!! We have been growing cherry tomatoes in our classroom for the past few weeks and were ready to plant today! Mrs. Smith helped us and taught us about growing gardens. Please look for updates throughout the summer for opportunities involving our learning garden!



Thank you to all the parents, friends, and family members who donated to the Walk-A-Thon this year! Ross Park raised more than $16,000 this year! A new record!! Our class enjoyed walking all day and building on our friendships!

walkathon1 (Small)

walkathon2 (Small)

walkathon3 (Small)

walkathon5 (Small)


Your Child Is Published!!

Hello 5th grade families!

Your child has been working hard on his/her writing and will be published in a book! Now is your chance to order a copy! An order form was sent home yesterday and is due back by Thursday, May 8th. We need to send in our orders this week so that we can get the books by the end of the school year. Please return the order form regardless if you are ordering at this time. We receive a FREE copy if ALL order forms are returned!

Thank you for your support
~Mrs. Ellis :)


Phone is now working!!

Have a happy Monday and a FANTASTIC week! :)


Spelling & Math Bee Contestants

Each year Ross Park holds and all school spelling bee and math bee competition for grades 3-5.

This year’s spelling bee contestants are: Ethan Brown, Lindsey Deblock, Keegan DeKuiper, Hailey Graham, Izzy Holwerda, Lauryn Jackson, Emma Kinnucan, Lexy McCann, Taya McGlothin, Gabby Miller, Gus Jensen, Natalie Muchna, Taylor Quick, Avril Roberts, Willow Scott, and Taggart VanderMolen. These students will be participating in the all school spelling bee on Wednesday, May 21 at 10:00 a.m. in the auditorium. All parents are welcome to attend.

This year’s 5th grade math contestants are: Ethan Brown, Greg Chancellor, Keegan DeKuiper, Lyndi Filius, Morgan Gerrans, Gabby Miller, Salaihah Andrade, Johnathan Hall, Kaitlyn Harper, Izzy Holwerda, Emma Kinnucan, Natalie Muchna, Hunter Peterson, Taylor Quick, Willow Scott and Taggart VanderMolen. These students will be participating in the all school math competition on Thursday, May 22 in the cafeteria. This is a pencil and paper competition so parents are asked not to attend.

Congratulations to all 5th grade students chosen to participate! I am SO proud of all the hard work you have put in ALL year! Good luck!
~Mrs. Ellis