Specials Field Trip:

What a great day in Grand Rapids for our Specials Field Trip!  We enjoyed listening to music at the symphony, analyzing art at the art museum, and practicing our balancing skills ice-skating at the ice rink!  (See pics below)

Thursday: 2/16/17

Thank you to the Valentine’s Day Committee for putting together another great class party (see pictures below)!! The ice cream sundae bar was so YUMMY! 🙂 We have been working hard on learning how to synthesize the text we are reading this past week in our book clubs. Students have been reading a chapter book with 2-4 other students and have really been getting into it! Great discussions and learning has been happening! Ask your child about his/her book over the break. There will be no school on Fri., Feb. 17 & Mon., Feb. 20 due to mid-winter break. Have a great LONG weekend! ~Mrs. Ellis

Next Week’s Learning Targets:
Reading: I can use 2 different pieces of text to show my understanding on a topic (synthesize) & I can analyze the designs of different texts and explain how it enhances the meaning of the text (author’s craft)
Math: I can understand how a place value model can be used to solve multidigit multiplication problems.

Your child should be caught up with his/her reading by Tuesday, Feb. 21. Here are the assigned chapters/pages so far:

Friday: 2/10/17

Mid-Marks & Accelerated Reader reports are in your child’s Friday Folder. These are your child’s current grades as of 1/2 way through the trimester. Please look these over with your child, sign, & return Monday. The Solar System projects were turned in this week and look GREAT (see below for some pics)!! Please stop in and see all the awesome projects on display in our hallways! Valentine’s Day Party will be Tuesday, February 14th from 10:45-11:30 AM. If your child is on the committee, please send in the supplies the day of the party. Specials field trip is Thursday, February 16 and students will need a sack lunch. Mid-Winter Break is Friday 2/17-2/20. School will resume on Tuesday, February 21. Have a great weekend! ~Mrs. Ellis

Learning Targets for Next Week:
Reading: I can demonstrate my understanding of 2 or more texts by synthesizing through writing or verbal communication.
I can verbally explain a topic by combining information from at least 2 different texts.
Math: I can understand that multiples of 5 need extra attention in the zeros pattern.
Lesson 3: I can understand how a place value model can be used to solve multidigit multiplication problems.

A New Writing Adventure!

Hello 5th grade families!! The past couple of weeks, we have been writing a lot in our writer’s notebooks in order to prepare to start our very own blogs! Students have been working their way through the writing process by brainstorming, drafting, and publishing to our classroom blogs. We are using a safe, school-based blog site designed just for kids called KidBlog. (Keep reading to the bottom…pictures posted).

Why KidBlog?

Kidblog provides teachers with the tools to help students publish writing safely online. Students exercise digital citizenship within a secure classroom blogging space. Teachers can monitor all activity within their blogging community.

Kidblog offers a kid-friendly publishing experience suitable for any K-12 student. It helps students focus on what’s important by removing distractions so they can focus on writing.

Kidblog gives students’ writing a meaningful purpose and an authentic audience. Students are motivated to write for their peers and engage with a global network. Teachers moderate all content, so nothing goes live until the teacher says so.

It engages students in the process of prewriting, drafting, revising, editing, publishing, and commenting — Kidblog facilitates feedback and moderation at all stages.

Ask your child about his/her blog today!
~Mrs. Ellis

Lumberjack Visit:

We had two Lumberjack hockey players visit our class today!

Texas Roadhouse Donation Night Thursday, Feb. 9:

If you do not have dinner plans for tomorrow night please consider going to Texas Roadhouse and mentioning Ross Park. They will donate 10% of your bill to our 5th Grade Leadership Camp. We are trying to pay it forward for the classes to come!!

Please spread the news to family and friends!!!

Thanks for considering!!
5th Grade Leadership Team

Cause & Effect

Students received part of a sentence and then had to find the other half that matched. Students discussed which part of the sentence was the cause and which was the effect. (Take a look at the video below to see us in action). 

Cause & Effect Lesson

Solar System Rubric & Guidelines:

Here are the guidelines and scoring rubric for the Solar System project that is due Tuesday, Feb.7. I am so excited to see all the projects. I know they will be “out of this world!”  🌎

Have a great day!!  😃

Solar System Rubric

Friday: 2/3/17

Please make sure you are checking your child’s assignment book daily for any homework/ projects that need to be completed. Solar System Projects are due Tuesday, February 7th. The February newsletter, along with a class list for Valentine’s Day, is also in your child’s Friday Folder. Jump Rope For Heart was a huge success and a ton of fun (see pics below). Unit 3 Math test will be Tuesday, February 7. Please make sure your child understands the process of how to multiply and divide fractions. Accelerated Reader Books must be read nightly. Students will need to read & pass 9 tests (2 NF) with an 80% or higher by March 13th. Please make sure that your child has read his/her book completely. Stay WARM this weekend! ~Mrs. Ellis

Learning Targets for Next Week:
Reading: I can recognize cause and effect structures and key terms.
Math: I can solve numerical and word problems involving all four operations with fractions.
I can use Common Core Content Standards and Practices in a variety of real world problem solving situations.

Flashlight Friday With Kindergarten Buddies!

We brought our flashlights to read with our Kindergarten buddies this morning (see pictures below).