Avoid the Summer Slide

Wow, what a year! Because we’ve worked soooo hard to gain skills this year, I want to see them remain academically strong and ready for second grade. I have some specific suggestions that can help your child avoid this decline of skills.

You will find engaging links for reading and math, on the right, that can be used to keep those first grade skills ready for second grade rigor. Check it out and take advantage of the fun resources gathered here.

In addition, here are some suggested activities for the summer months in a calendar format…such cute ideas! Summer Activities Calendar

I am placing a link to two large files that consist of pages that can be printed for those rainy days and car rides when paper and pencil work can be completed. 1st_Grade_Literacy_Activities_ First Grade Math_Activities

Visit theNorton Shores library and take advantage of their fun summer reading programs. In addition, Barnes and Nobel gives away free books in their summer reading program. You can find it here>



Teusink Farm Reminders

Here are some important fartm trip reminders for our trip to Teusink Farm on Friday,June 5th:

  • We will leave school by 8:30 and return around 1:30.
  • Students will ride the bus.
  • Chaperones can ride the bus…until it’s full.  The rest can carpool behind.
  • Smaller siblings are not allowed to attend with us on this day…sorry!
  • If you would like to take your child home with you at the end of the day, please see your child’s teacher and they will have you sign a waiver.
  • School lunches have been ordered for those who responded by the deadline and for those students who qualify for free lunch.
  • All other students and parents should bring a “brown bag” lunch. Please leave lunchboxes at home for the day.
  • Please dress appropriately for being outdoors. Tennis shoes and CREW blue are the preferred attire for the day.
  • Remember sunscreen that morning.
  • We are in need of several large coolers with ice packs to store and carry the lunches. Please let your teacher know if you can bring one.

May/June Reminders


Thurs, May 21                                         Friday, May 22

  • 12:15 Recor                                        1:30 VanderWall
  •  1:30 Ralston                                     3:00 Callow

*Please RSVP with the name of your child’s invited, special guest for this short writer’s celebration.

FARM TRIP, June 5th

*Please make sure you have sent in your child’s money for the farm trip

  •         $6 for each first grader
  •         $4 for each parent (parents attending must have a completed I-Chat form.  You still have time to do this)

*If you will not be packing a lunch for them on this day, please make sure you have ordered your child’s lunch and have enough money in their account to cover the cost.

*Sorry, no younger siblings are allowed to attend



April Update

8 weeks left of school! 8 weeks to be prepared for second grade! 8 weeks left together!

April sharing is being passed around.  Each students will have one night to spend with a special stuffed animal.  They will record their events in a class journal.  Please be sure to send the bag and all of it’s contents back to school the very next day.

Please wear CREW blue on Thursday April 23rd.

March is Reading Month

Wow! March is Reading Month and is filled with lots of fun things you will want to know about:

1. One School, One Book. Every Lincoln Park family will receive  a copy of Judy Blume’s Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing. Please follow the reading schedule on the included bookmark and enjoy this book with your little one. CAUTION: It is extremely funny and might cause fits of laughter from yourself and your child.  :)

2. March Sharing – student readers. Students were assigned a day of the month to read a book of their choosing to the class. Please help your child repeatedly practice this book and ensure they are fluent at reading it. Please choose a book that can be finished within 5 minutes.

3.  March Fun Calendar – As students participate in the fun activities suggested on the March Reading Calendar, please send the completed projects to school.  We would also love to have pictures sent to us by e-mail.  The students love to see each other on the big screen in the classroom when we share them with the class.

February Fun!

February brings two very fun first grade celebrations. This year, we are celebrating the 101st Day of School…..since we are 1st graders! That same week, students will enjoy a Valentine exchange with their friends.  Please help make these fun events possible by donating needed items through your teacher’s volunteerspot link.

Happy 2015!

Remember, we return to school on Monday, January 5th

Happy New Year 2015!

The holidays are over and January is here. It’s time to get back to school and focus on learning once again. Our sharing project for January will help us make some goals for the new year. Our school goal for these first graders is reading, reading, reading!

December News

It’s December in First Grade…so please remember how toasty your children will feel playing outside in the proper gear. Boots, gloves, snowpants and hats can make for happy outside play. It will be important to remember to send in shoes to change into as well, so those wet boots can dry in the hallway during the day.

It is so exciting to see all of the new readers in our rooms grow in their love of reading! First graders are excited to read every day, which makes our jobs a little easier. Remember to read at home as well, and record those minutes on the December Book It recording sheet.

First Graders are in charge of our Toys For Tots drive at Lincoln Park.  They will be making announcements, giving reminders, and counting toys to encourage Lincoln Park to donate toys.  Have they asked you if they can earn some extra chore money to purchase a new toy to donate to this worthy cause?

Be on the lookout for links to volunteerspot.com in future e-mails as we begin to plan our Holiday party. We’ll need your help to make this event fun for the little ones. You can find the date for the Christmas party, as well as other important dates in the coming newsletters.

November News

We are looking forward to meeting with all of our first grade families at conferences this month. It is always fun to brag about children and how well they are doing to parents! Conferences are November 17 and November 20.  If you have misplaced your time, please contact your teacher.

November is also a time of giving thanks. We are sooo thankful for the great group of kiddos we get to work with this year.  We will celebrate at school by making Stone Soup.  Please follow your teacher’s link to Volunteerspot.com to help.  The idea is that everyone pitches in to make a wonderful snack.

Check the newsletter for all the tricky dates for November.  Lots of 1/2 days to plan for!


Halloween Reminders

Halloween Parties:

1. Friday,  Oct. 31st from 2:15-3:15pm – all are welcome to attend….and help, if you notified us in advance.  Increased security on this day means that only parents who are on the list in the office, will be permitted to enter.

2.  If you donated food that requires refrigeration, please send it in the morning of October 31st Please send all other donations in by Wednesday, October 29th.

Halloween Costumes:

1. Please send your child’s costume and all the necessary accessories in a clearly marked bag so it will be easy for them to find and put on.

2. Remember….no gore, violence, weapons or scary costumes allowed.